Opportunities abound to manage the cost of health and welfare plans. Innovation is fundamental to our recommendation approach. Warner Benefits effectively builds client trust through smart, calculated strategies that deliver sustainable results. 


We achieve this by understanding risk as we analyze the financial components of utilization and develop plan options. We have more than 35 years of experience working with a various funding-methods. Warner Benefits reviews each legitimate tactic to deliver solutions that meet every culture and situation.

Jon Warner has been a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist "Fellow" for more than half of his 35-year career and has built a reputation for his deep passion and knowledge about employee benefits. He is though just one facet of the strength at Warner Benefits, which stems from the collective knowledge and intelligence of the Warner Team. 


Their understanding of ongoing savings that can be achieved when dollars are managed effectively comes from explaining and implementing various strategies including self-funding with stop loss insurance, administrator and carrier selection, provider network access, reference-based pricing and wellness incentives.  

Market intelligence and bench marking are baseline strengths Warner Benefits uses. It is an organization recognized as sizable, personalized, technical and proficient that succeeds by personally and professionally explaining to participants on a daily basis how the plans offered by employers provide highly valued insurance protection.

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